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It’s easy to see why Al Pitcher is fast becoming hot property on the comedy circuit. His warm, self-effacing style meant the audience were on his side immediately as he took us on a journey through various photographs he’d taken that day and throughout his travels. Some were themed like defaced public notices and idiotic signs or just generally funny pictures. However, his quirky take on life, superb ad-libs and brilliant interaction with the audience took the photo’s away from their origins and into a surreal and absurd world we all inhabit. Wonderfully clever, inventive and above all hilarious.
Pavilion Theatre, Brighton Dome 15th October
Lee Stevens
5 0ut of 5 PASTIES and a bonus cream tea , Nice Picture show review
As for you Al, turning up in any town, camera in hand, hoping to illustrate the foibles of the locals is a brave thing to do. Luckily, in this part of the world, we love laughing at our own eccentricity so fear not: it's resounding five out of five pasties. In fact, as I haven't laughed so much in a long time, we'll chuck in the cream tea bonus too.
The Al Picture Show Review Brighton Dome 2009
The Argus

A natural and thoroughly likeable comedian,
even if Al Pitcher had forgotten his projector screen,
he still would have had the crowd eating out his hand.
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