Al Pitcher uses photographs and observations from Lincoln as part of his show (6:30pm, Sunday, Drill Hall)
Swedish National Day Interview - In Svenska
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Pitching For a Laugh

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Picture Tour Of The World

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TimeOut Sydney 2010 Q&A

Time Out Sydney

What punchline have you longed to find a joke for but never quite managed? "So my shaving plug socket in my hotel bathrooms is screaming to me ‘use me use me, I only get electric shavers, give me some proper voltage'."
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Al Pitcher brings his photo/comedy stylings to Leeds'

Leeds Student Newspaper Online

Kiwi comedian Al Pitcher talks about the show he’s bringing to Leeds, British audiences, and why he loves a good heckler.

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Birmingham Mail

Kiwi comic looks behind the mundane to find humour in Birmingham show [Read More...]
Werewolves of London

Werewolves of London? No, the stylish goats of Redfern

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Q - What was the best show you have ever seen at the Edinburgh Festival?
A - Tommy Tiernan, last year, I had heard he was brilliant and he was, he's such an incredible story teller [Read More...]
TimeOut Sydney - 2009
The concept is high on originality, risk, effort – and hilarity. Each day, Pitcher starts his show from scratch. He picks a suburb at random and walks around it, taking pictures of anything that catches his eye. And then he uploads the best images into a slideshow on his laptop and weaves a bespoke show out of it.

Time Out Sydney

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In Bath - Interview with Al Pitcher
Comedians can sometimes be quite repetitive. Itchy doesn't want to sound like a spoilt little brat....Al Pitcher is not like that. His current show – the neatly titled Al Pitcher Picture Show – takes audience interaction to a new level; city interaction.
bath Comedy festival, Al Pitcher, Picture show
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Al Pitcher - Phil Kay My Comedy Hero
Al Pitcher: 'Have you ever seen a comedian try to capture lightning in a bottle? [Read More...]
Comedy of Errors
Al Pitcher’s show Idiot Wind is based around a rather unfortunate incident involving a woman, an aeroplane and some flatulence. Here, he gives us his top five social faux pas

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Edinburgh Festival Guide 2007
He’s been called unpredictable and divided audiences with his ad hoc ways [Read More...]
Timeout London Interview
Modern art, modern toss? Comedian Al Pitcher makes an exhibition of himself

Time Out - London - Logo

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