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A Kiwi with some snap judgements

Saturday, October 31, 2009, 09:30

A Kiwi  with some snap judgementsAs a top stand-up you'd expect Al Pitcher to have a good idea what his audiences find funny. But the comedian says he is "amazed at what some people will laugh at".

His latest show, writes Mark Charlton, which returns to Leicester next month, is unrehearsed, completely unpredictable, different every time and a massive hit with crowds night after night.

To lay the foundations of his improvised show, the award-winning comic spends his afternoons taking pictures at random in the town where he is performing.

And later, he simply projects the images on to a screen and talks about them with the audience.

It might not sound like a great idea for guaranteed laughs – but he says his show – The Al Pitcher Picture Show – is a continually surprising source of comedy gold.

The show gets audiences hooked as they debate the merits of local landmarks.

Earlier this year, the show won him the Best Show award at the Leicester Comedy Festival.

Now he is heading back to the city to take more pictures and perform his hit concept again.

"I have done the Al Pitcher Picture Show before in Leicester and the people loved it," says the New Zealander.

"Each show is unique. I will arrive in the city earlier in the day and take new pictures, so everything I do that night will be off the seat of my pants.

"It's quite hard work but it really does pay off.

"I am amazed by what people will laugh at. All the pictures are totally at random, buildings, sometimes people but there are no 'victims' t.

"I just take photos of anything that seems interesting. They say the best ideas are the simple ones. And this is such a simple idea.

"Although I'm free-wheeling and it can be quite daunting I get some incredible laughs.

"In fact, I feel a bit sorry for those comedians who are working from a script and give the same material night after night.

"I won't be using any of the pictures I took on my previous trip to Leicester, I'll be taking new ones when I arrive.

"I totally involve the audience in the show. It's very interactive. If I didn't it would just be some dodgy Kiwi bloke showing his holiday snaps."


The Al Pitcher Picture Show is on at the Bottle Rocket Comedy Club in Millstone Lane on Sunday, November 8, at 8pm. Tickets cost £10 (or £8 for concessions).